5 CX Must-Reads of the Week


Week after week, I try finding the most colorful, new, innovative and interesting articles for you. This time, I really struck gold! I especially liked Blake Morgan’s article on the importance of transparency importance in CX. And, of course, there’s Jim Tierney with his overview of Ford’s new CX approach. Still, I cannot leave out Mila D’Antonio or Juan Manuel González, with their daring assumptions for future trends in CX. I can’t choose the best one – guess you’ll have to read and choose for yourself…

1. 5 Key Customer Experience Objectives for 2016

In this article. Mila D’Antonio from 1to1 Media, wrote some innovative thoughts on how 2016 customer experience will look like. This article presents 5 key aspects for the new year; I won’t spill everything out, but here is the one I found most important: Create Unlikely Partnerships that Better the Customer Experience. This is an amazing idea with great opportunities – D’Antonion gives the example of Starbucks and Lyft, which emphasizes just how important unlikely partnership can be.


2. How Transparency Improves the Customer Experience

I’ve included Blake Morgan here before. You know I like her. She is a bright, clever, sophisticated and important influencer. In her current article, posted on Forbes, she shows the importance of transparency to customer experience. Morgan claims that good companies don’t hide from their employees – they share thoughts and experiments with them, and use their opinions to grow.  Like many of Morgan’s posts, this one also has a video to go with it, which means you won’t even have to read it…:)


3. Top Customer Experience Management Trends for Latin America in 2016

I love Latin America. There is something about the southern part of our world that is almost mythical. In his article, Juan Manuel González from Nearshore Americas, attempts to show the trends of customer experience to be seen in this magical part of the world during 2016. One of the ideas he presents, focuses on cloud technology, being “the next big thing,” as new CXM functionality will overwhelmingly be deployed in the cloud, streamlining integration with other tools and systems also in the cloud.


4. FordPass Redefines Customer Experience at Ford

If you haven’t heard of it yet, FordPass is the new application developed by Ford, enabling easy parking everywhere. More than that – it helps the customer find a parking space close to their location. Indeed, there is a reason for Jim Tierney’s claim brought in this article: The writer of Loyalty360 is 100% right – FordPass does redefine customer experience at Ford. For the first time, we see involvement of web technology in their services, and not only motor technology. This might be the beginning of the future…


5. How to Convince your Boss to Send you to a Customer Experience Conference in 2016

For some reason, many managers in high tech still prefer having their employees stay at the office rather than going to conferences. Can you believe it? Luckily, I had some free time, so I wrote down this article detailing the best things you can say to your boss to let him or her send you off to some of the most important conferences in 2016. This can give you the opportunity to witness some of the freshest innovations in the field, and also have tons of fun. You can say you want to learn new tools, or network with colleagues, just make sure you don’t say how tired you are with your boss. May the odds be ever in your favor.



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