4 Things Really Successful Online Banks Do Differently for a Greater Customer Experience

When it comes to your money, you expect banks to be up to date and also able to perform their job without you having to constantly double check to make sure everything got done properly. When you have to continuously check on the bank, you will become frustrated and seek out another bank which offers better customer service. Successful banks are able to take your transactions and process them the way they need to be processed the first time and without you asking. Online banking services are beneficial to customers and without them, customers cannot receive the ultimate customer experience.

Below are 4 things that the most successful online banks are offering in terms of great customer experiences.

1. Offer Self-Service Tools

This is a very important point that many banks miss. Online self-service tools are extremely helpful and when customers are provided with ways to perform tasks without assistance, they will. Many customers will try and search for ways to help themselves before they contact your bank for help.

There are different types of services you can offer as self-help options. You can have a section on your website which answers questions, a section that allows customers to order things like checks, new cards, and the like, a section that allows customers to report fraudulent activity, and also a section which allows customers to monitor their account. These options are perfect for customers and customers will feel like they are helping themselves.

2. Mobile Applications

As the mobile world continues to become more popular, customers expect banks to advance with it as well. Banks should offer mobile applications to their customers so that their customers can connect to their bank accounts on the go from wherever they are.

Successful banks are already in tune with the mobile world and they allow their customers to bank right from the comfort of their home or office. These applications allow customers to see their bank account information, make payments, and also address other issues they may be having. One of the nice things about mobile applications is that customers are able to deposit their checks into their account from a picture. Customers simply take a picture of their check and it will be deposited to their account.

3. Traditional Customer Service is Still Alive

One thing that successful banks do is still offer traditional customer service. Even though the Internet is becoming the most popular way to do business and interact with customers, customers still like to rely on face to face communication in some instances.

Offering telephone support is one way to keep customers happy. In the event a customer wants to talk to a live person, they can. Just like traditional means of banking, a customer should be able to come into the branch and speak with a teller or bank representative if need be.

4. Live Chat

As the online world does develop and grow, convenience is becoming essential and many customers rely on you to provide them with the convenience they want and need. Your customers live a busy life and may need to contact you but they just do not have the time to pick up the phone. Offering a live chat option on your homepage for your customers is great customer service.

Many customers like the live chat option and they are able to speak with a representative in real time and get answers to their questions. This form of customer service has become extremely popular recently and will continue to grow in popularity.

It is important for banks to offer great customer service to their customers. If a bank fails to do this, they will end up losing their current customers to their competition. The above things are all things that successful banks are already doing and offering to their customers. Making sure to be the best and offer the best customer service is key to retaining your customers and boosting your customer service ratings.


Matthew is the Lead Author & Editor of CXperience Blog. Matthew established the CXperience blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Customer Experience.