3 Ways to Improve Digital Customer Experience

The distinctive behavioral patterns shown by the consumers with the knowledge of e-commerce all over the world should be followed by the smart retailers while making their strategy to be successful in improving digital customer experience. Due to the increasing use of smartphones and excessive use of internet on mobile phones most of the digital customers all over the world are exposed to a vast variety of products from various countries, European and other Western countries.

According to various management experts the capability of purchasing branded luxury products from Western countries has increased the purchasing level of all types of excited buyers, including A-class, B-class and C-class, of almost all the countries. The habit of having world class things on their fingertips has compelled the worldwide retailers to provide better shopping experience to the shoppers.

This improved shopping experience is important for the future prospects of the retailers all over the world. According to various e-commerce experts the smart retailers should develop their digital strategy on the basis of the behavior displayed by the consumers having the knowledge of e-commerce.

How to Improve Digital Customer Experience

1. Inclusion of multiple brands liked by consumers in their range

The smart retailers should initially include the multiple branded products on their digital product line on the channel preferred by their customers by using digital information about them to observe their purchase pattern. For instance you can add sports gadgets and products of some popular international brand say Weibo, which were bought by millions of people within few minutes at some sale site. Similarly you can use a link of some popular online traders like eBay etc. which sells vast variety of luxury items, fashion products and accessories offered by retailers and individual sellers as their convenience of delivery and price can attract more and more customers.

You can also use the information about a renowned business house like TMall etc. selling the designer labels and Western products including Adidas, Levi’s and Gap etc. as it will help the retailers in attracting a lot of customers on the basis of guaranteed quality and genuineness of their products. Usually people are prepared to pay even premium for buying these products. Thus by using the informations of the branded products smart retailers can improve the digital customer experience more effectively than the non-branded products which need time and efforts to show their output.

2. Rapid increase in spending capacity

Most of the buyers all over the world can be lured to buy any product through bargaining but some of them tend to buy more expensive products from the same brand after finalizing their deal for one product. Brands can also use this tendency of the buyers for the benefit of their business. They can encourage such buyers to buy more products by considerably reducing the prices of some of their products. For instance a number of local and international vendors including Samsung, Procter & Gamble and Gap etc. had reduced their prices upto 50% on the occasion of Singles Day, the biggest online shopping festival in China, last year. Alibaba alone received record breaking sale of more than $5 billion at this occasion.

So, in order to attract more and more online customers smart digital retailers have to sort out their products on which they can offer considerable discount to develop the interest of the customers and increase the sale of other expensive products. Worth of taking a commercial impact on low-value and low-cost products for improving digital customer experience has been proved by major brands several times by reaping the rewards of the returning visitors.

3. Increasing fondness for smartphones

More than 50% of digital customers use their smartphones for browsing on online merchant sites to get information about their products. Shopping experience of most of the smartphone admirers has been considerably changed with the increase in their availability. Nearly 70 percent of the people having smartphones all over the world use their phones for purchasing products online and more than half of them purchase several products every week.

Cosmetics and beauty products, entertainment products and clothing are some of the products normally purchased by the smartphone users through their phones. Lack of complete information and improper visibility of the products on small screen are the main reasons of not purchasing other products available online.

Most of the brands also use this aspect for the benefit of their business. The digital customer experience can also be improved by the brands by developing mobile phones focused on customers’ requirements. In fact easily getting the complete and clear information about the product is the main thing that matters in attracting the digital customers on the online stores. So it is important for the brands to work increasing the size of the screen of the smartphones for the benefit of the smartphones users as well as digital business owners.

Therefore while developing their strategy for improving the shopping experience of the digital customers the brands should use all the information gathered about the customers behavior pattern along with their intelligence to make the mobile phones beneficial for their business. They can get spontaneous benefit of these phones by focusing on the ways their customers use them to access information and the type of device they use.

This will help the brands to find out that on which platform they should focus first to attract more and more customers. The users of new smartphones normally use Android platform for getting information about the branded products whereas people within limited income still prefer to have iPhone as the best digital platform for them. Some of the affluent users of the smartphones like iOS as the best platform for getting the information about luxury products and other big online purchases.

In this way brands will be able to know whether the digital customer experience can be improved through a particular app for retailers or a site optimized for mobile device users to provide worthy and exclusive information about their products.


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