3 Customer Experience Enhancement Tips to Live and Die

So, now that we fully understand the customer experience cycle and what the different parts mean (and what is at stake in each one), the next thing to contemplate is customer experience enhancement. Understanding how this phenomenon works, and being able to formulate solid strategies to ensure better experiences (and more successful and complete ones) is very useful.

So, is there a consensus on how to achieve effective customer experience enhancement? If so, is this a difficult thing to accomplish? Well, I’ve actually given every bit of advice I am about to dispense in various previous pieces. You see, since customer experience is their journey from need creation all the way through customer service and support, and everything in between, enhancing it is all about improving and rethinking several of the key elements that participate at different points.

So, I’ll be repeating some ideas to enhance several practices within your business. That’s ok, though, because it means you’ll see how all these different little improvements actually work when added up within your organization. Let’s get started.

#1 – Social Advertising vs. Classic Advertising

This is the first move to make, eliminating classic advertising as much as possible during your outreach and need creation phase. Some forms (read: most) forms of classic advertising are very annoying, and have lost their effectiveness due to age and irritation factor.

So, adopting email and social advertising approaches (as in not spam email) is the least abrasive and most effective way to actually market to people. Modern mass email marketing tools are good for outreach without spamming, and can integrate intuitive social network activity to encourage the outreach from email to mushroom into the social channels by visual call to action.

#2 – Controlled SEO and Affiliate Tactics

Now, when they go to research you, you’ll want publishing affiliates like blogs and websites that will ensure you lots of headline space and positive representation. Along with this, publishing heavily on your own, using SEO to ensure you proliferate over search engines, to ensure that the research and comparison phase is massively effective in generating needs.

Making it easy and fast for them to draw positive opinions of your service or product is not only going to please your leads, but it also gives them less time to be wooed by competitors.

#3 – Solid Training

Providing solid training and support during the purchase phase is a good way to ensure that customer service and support phases are needed less. Consider self service with onboard things like WalkMe to supplement this, and reduce time and personnel costs as well.

#4 – Multi Channel Support

When they do need customer support or service, go multi channel dauntlessly. Utilize social support, help desks, text chat and VoIP to supplement your slow and much maligned call center. Also, since this department will inevitably be too lazy to do research, and call you in the post need generation stage, this is a good positive control there as well.

These are the keys to customer experience enhancement. Are you surprised that you’re already doing many of these things? Are you surprised at how all of these measures have made things so much better for you? Well, you shouldn’t be.


Matthew is the Lead Author & Editor of CXperience Blog. Matthew established the CXperience blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Customer Experience.