10 Companies with an Oscar – Worthy Customer Experience Strategy

The Academy awards are getting closer, and all the “Oscar Buzz” got me thinking… Sometimes, I get the feeling that we’re too busy criticizing companies for their customer experience, that we forget to praise them. Is that the best way to enhance CX and encourage innovation? I doubt that.

Therefore, in the spirit of the upcoming Academy Awards, I decided to hand out my own prize – The Thomas. Thomases are given for well-planned CX, and a great customer experience strategy. The criteria are quite simple to comprehend: the use of personalization, simple-to-use interface, awesome marketing and great service for customers, are all parts of the grading system.


And the Winners for Best Customer Experience Strategy are…


1. American Express

American Express get their award for their easy-to-use website, with user friendly graphics and simple navigation. Customers understand what they need to click on in order to get what they want – and this is a main, important component of excellent CX.

american express

2. Uber

No need to use cash, no need to wait, no need to fear your cab won’t arrive on time. When using Uber, customers have no worries. They know the service won’t fail.

3. Amazon

Folks at Amazon are champions in making a customer believe they got him or her in top priority. They know how to make you feel your order is the only one out there, and make sure your preferences are accessibly and available. They invest a great amount of money in developing their site so it can offer you exactly what you want and need.



4. eBay

Amazon’s great competition with eBay only improves both companies. eBay’s return policy and service is admirable – if you don’t get your order, you get your money back, even if it is all your fault. eBay stands behind its customers, and for that reason, they get a Thomas.


5. Macdonald’s

A lot has been said about McDonald’s customer service, but the way this fast food company is spreading health awareness is amazing. They make the nutritious values of their website visible and accessible, and with excellent marketing – make customers fell like they’ve made the right choice.

6. Netflix

When it comes to personalization, Netflix is on the forefront. This new-age content library keeps track of your watchlist, adds recommendations and makes sure you can continue right where you left off.

7. Apple

Other than being a trendsetter in user interface and a pioneer in web designing, Apple is a company that knows how to keep its customers happy. Apple makes sure all of our information, pictures, emails and web pages are in sync, while providing a simple, comfortable user experience.


8. Eat24

Eat24 are committed to help us satisfy our culinary needs without needing to put our pants on, and this by itself is an idea that puts the customer first. They entire process of ordering and receiving orders is very simple, especially when the system remembers previous orders.

Eat24 Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Eat24)

9. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s sure knows how to make customers come back for more. They encourage employees to focus on providing great customer service, by offering rewards and throwing fun games. That way, great customer service is guaranteed, and customers feel right at home when they walk in…

10. WalkMe

This fast-growing SaaS company uses an online contextual guidance tool to help businesses keep customers focused and engaged. With WalkMe, companies have managed to make customers online experience simple and personalized, and in that way – promote the importance of great customer experience.



Matthew is the Lead Author & Editor of CXperience Blog. Matthew established the CXperience blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Customer Experience.