Customer Experience Infographic: 15 Statistics You Can’t Ignore

This infographic touches on many aspects of customer experience. It debunks many commonly held myths, and clarifies them with actual statistical facts. For example, fact number 2 highlights that customer service can be even more important than the product itself- Customers 4% more likely to switch to a competitor due to poor customer experience, than

Best in Customer Experience

#1- Top 6 Best Communication Tips From Some Of The Best Interviewers In The World In this article, Courtney Seiter brings the top 6 most efficient communication tips to improve customer experience. Simply put, interviewers must be well-prepared and synchronized with their fellow interviewer, they must be flexible in listening, they must be oriented towards

Best of Customer Experience

1. Why Customer Experience is the True King Modern marketers need to up their game to win over their customers’ loyalty in a highly competitive world. Nowadays it’s all about putting the customer’s interest before self. Brent Leary’s best of week article delves deeper into this crucial topic. 2. Forrester – Marketing and CX Management Must Unite

2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in Customer Experience

Customer experience managers are required to enhance customer interaction and foster loyalty. Consumers expect organizations to offer appropriate information or service as soon as they need it. Customer experience plays an integral role in an organization’s success. An organization has to be willing to put its customers at the center of its business. This can